1. Q – How big is my tent when its folded up (dimensions) for travel space purposes? A – All the information pertaining to your tent can be found xxx
  2. Q -How big is my tent when it is put up?
  3. Q -What is the maximum people that can sleep in a tent? A- 2
  4. Q -Is my tent waterproof? A – Yes it is.
  5. Q -How does the collection work  – is there a time slot? A – Collection is from Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm.
  6. Q -What is something I ordered is not included in my kit? A – Your order will be signed off by you in person or the person collecting it so if something is missing it can be rectified immediately.
  7. Q -What if I want to cancel my booking? Cancellation may take place xxx
  8. Q -What if I want to return my kit early? And the refund process?
  9. Q -What if I want to extend my rental?
  10. Q -What is included in my tent?
  11. Q -How long does it typically take to put up a tent ?
  12. Q -Do we get a setup manual?
  13. Q -How many people does it take to put up a tent?
  14. Q -What happens when I’ve put up my tent and found that it is damaged? A – Please take an image and WhatsApp Chantal on +27 064 607 1193
  15. What to do when the zipper gets stuck?
  16. Is there a specific way to roll up the tent flaps?
  17. How cold does it get in the tent?
  18. Is there emergency contact numbers?